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About What's Happening

Makin Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer 1st version recap:

Holy moly folks, thank you! What started as a single brew day between friends quickly grew into something far greater than we anticipated. Not only did the project itself become larger than expected but the turn out on January 20th was so large we are still trying to process it. Multiple participating breweries as well as a few bars that put the beer on tap had record setting sales days. Feeling that much support from our community confirmed for us that this was a project that we will continue to do. We have picked three new dates through the rest of the year for releasing the next few versions of Makin Noise; April 22nd, July 19th, and October 19th. Check back here for details for each date including participating breweries, beer style deets, and non profit partnerships.

The Numbers:

While there are still a few places pouring Makin Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer Saison, we have a good chuck of numbers in already. So far we have numbers from 15 out of 20 sources. Our total with those 15 is just over $6,000 raised for 7 different local non profits (lots of bars picked PPRM!). As more numbers come in we will provide updates!

*Join us in Makin' some Noise:

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